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Employment Prospects for Graduates Improving

Employment Prospects for Graduates Improving


Computing Degrees in High Demand

Employment prospects for higher education graduates in their first year after graduation are slowly improving, according to the First Destination Report of the Higher Education Authority on the university class of 2012. Of particular note, graduates in computing are now enjoying employment rates equivalent to graduates in medicine and health sciences.
The survey of those who graduated from Ireland’s seven universities in 2012 looked at where they were nine months later. Over 15,500 of the 23,000 university graduates last year took part.
Of all those who completed their degree (level 8) in 2012,
42% are now in employment in Ireland
10% are in employment overseas
37% are in further study or training
7% are seeking employment
3% are unavailable for work/study
The figures for those with a computing degree find that 73% of such graduates are now in employment, a proportion only narrowly surpassed by graduates in medicine (77%) and education (74%). The overwhelming majority of those computing graduates find employment at home.
In Science, only 44% of level 8 degree graduates are in employment but 42% go on to further study and employment rates for Science graduates with Masters or Doctorates are higher. The HEA will be examining this issue in more detail.
Starting salaries for 56% of level 8 graduates in employment are under €25,000; 42% earn between €25,000 and €45,000; 2% earn in excess of €45,000 for their starting salaries.
The survey was carried out by the university careers offices for the HEA.
HEA Chief Executive, Tom Boland, said,
“The evidence continues to show that a higher education qualification greatly assists an individual’s employment prospects. Having a highly educated workforce is now the greatest attraction to establish a business in Ireland and this fact will continue to fuel our economic recovery.”
He added,
“The recent focus on expanding higher education capacity to produce Computer Science graduates is well-founded on the basis of the very strong employment outcomes and these graduates are now among the most employable and in demand at home and internationally.”
The report is now available on www.hea.ie
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