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Enrolments by Award Level & Institution


Enrolments by institution

Undergraduate enrolments by award level, institution, gender & field of study

Undergraduate occasional                        full-time    part-time
Undergraduate certificate                         full-time    part-time
Undergraduate diploma                             full-time    part-time
Ordinary degree                                        full-time    part-time
Honours bachelor degree                          full-time    part-time
All undergraduate enrolments                   full-time    part-time


Postgraduate enrolments by award level, institution, gender & field of study

Postgraduate occasional                           full-time    part-time
Postgraduate certificate                            full-time    part-time
Postgraduate diploma                                full-time    part-time
Taught Masters                                          full-time    part-time
Research Masters                                       full-time    part-time
PhD                                                            full-time    part-time
All research degrees                                  full-time    part-time
All postgraduate enrolments                      full-time    part-time




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