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National Access Office

The National Office for Equity of Access to Higher Education (National Access Office) was established in the Higher Education Authority in 2003 to facilitate educational access and opportunity for groups who are under-represented in higher education.

The National Office has the following principal functions:

  • Manage a range of funding programmes
  • Develop and implement a national action plan to achieve equity of access to higher education
  • Monitor and report on progress in implementing the plan and achieving set targets and outcomes
  • Provide advice on national policy
  • Promote the rationale for access to higher education in a way that wins widespread practical support from the education and political authorities and the public at large.


The under represented groups in higher education prioritised by the National Office are:

  • Those who are socially, economically or culturally under-represented in higher education
  • Mature students
  • Students with a disability
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