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The Higher Education Authority is the statutory body which advises the Minister for Education and Skills and the Government on higher education policy. It is also the funding body for the Universities, Institutes of Technology and a number of other institutions designated under the terms of the Higher Education Authority Act, 1972. 

The Systems Funding section of the HEA is responsible for the oversight and management of the funding to HEIs.  Specific duties which apply to the section include;

  • Implementing a strategy for funding the Higher Education System that addresses a range of quality issues as well as the sustainability of higher education.
  • Overseeing and managing the allocation of recurrent and capital funds to the higher education institutions and, in doing so, ensuring that it is done in a manner consistent with the national strategy and the new funding models developed.
  • Provide advice to the Minister and the Department of Education and Skills on the funding of the higher education system (capital and current) and where relevant to the Minister/Department of Jobs Enterprise and Innovation (in context of PRTLI and other research related funding).
  • Ensure that HEIs are accountable for all funding received
  • To develop evaluation tools as a means of ensuring that the State is getting value for money out of the resources it puts into the HE system
  • Management of various strategic programmatic funding
  • Engagement with the Strategic Dialogue activities.

Working closely with the Governance and Performance Management Section, the section will develop and implement a system for funding the higher education sector that aims to drive reform, increased performance and accountability for funds received and related outcomes.

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